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Extra virgin olive oil

From: Elvas Region

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Produced with the Portuguese tradicional varieties, Galega, Cordovil and Verdeal. Collected in Elvas area, south of Portugal, with large termic amplitude what gives it a smoothy taste with fruitfully unmistakable aroma.

The Lagar do Relvão is a 3rd generation unit, which uses technology of low temperature and low water addition to enhance and maximize the organoleptic properties of olive oil, and thus get a high quality product with unique flavors.

Located at Relvão, right in the center of Portugal. The investiment made allowed us to be in cutting-edge technology of olive oil extraction, using the Pieralisi DMF system, becoming the first one to use it.

The production of olive oil as a family tradition, is now on the 3rd generation, and the current bet is the needs of current and future customers, but mainly achieving internationalization, with the commercialization of excellence gourmet olive oil brands.

Food Security Policy


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Throughout the year, will take place dissemination actions on olive growing, with the suport of the “Agriculture and fishing Regional Direction of the Center”. In case of interest, stay tunes to the news, and to the workshop training.

Olive oil Extraction

The Olive oil prodution involves several steps, that goes from the olives picking to the olive oil storage, through a series of transformations, allowing the production thereof and ensure its quality.                 Currently, the traditional methods of olive processing, gave rise to modern..
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The olive oil factory of Relvão, is a third generation unit, that uses low temperature technology, and low water addition, that enhances and maximizes the organoleptic properties of the olive oil, thus obtaining a high quality product, with unique flavors. The investment made, allowed us to be in the industry forefront, and therefore, on the top of the technology of..
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Workshops and formation

The training given by the company “Lagar do Relvão Unipessoal Lda”, aim to deepen and detail, every subject relating olive oil production. We are in the sector vanguarda, with third generation technology for the olive oil production. This iniciative is to demystify the processes used, providing care from the installation of the olive grove, to the power of..
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